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High definition for everyone

Hamburg, 03.03.2008

With the new AQUOS D44E series, Sharp makes it possible to enter the world of HD, even on a tight budget. The three new HD-ready LCD TVs impress with their chic design and brilliant image quality in 16:9 cinema format, with a resolution of 1,366 x 768 pixels. With sizes of 37, 32 and 26 inches (94, 81 and 65 centimetres), anyone can now afford the cinema experience at home.

As of now, no-one has to be denied the experience of home cinema any longer. The LCD pioneer Sharp is expanding its range, introducing three models in the HD-ready startup segment with screen sizes of 26, 32 and 37 inches. Alongside features which for this price category are highly sophisticated, the three newcomers impress with their black design. The high-class Sharp AQUOS series is characterised by stylish components and design. Individual features, such as Quick Shoot technology for particularly fast-moving images, have also been integrated into these devices.

The models in the new Sharp AQUOS D44E series – LC-26D44E, LC-32D44E and LC-37D44E – with a resolution of 1,366 x 768 pixels, and a contrast ratio of 10,000:1, make a truly sharp impression. Above all, the high luminance of 470-500 candela per square metre ensures a brilliant colour display. Due to the optical image control developed by Sharp, even these startup models of the D44 series automatically adapt the screen brightness to the ambient lighting conditions. Thus, images come across as clear and natural in any environment. Thanks to the modern display technology, there are no longer any bad seats in the living room, as ensured by the wide insight angle of 176 degrees. A reaction time of just six milliseconds means that also during fast-paced scenes, home cinema is pure pleasure.
A greater programme overview and additional information are provided by the image-split and image-in-text functions. Thus, the viewer is always up to date, without missing anything. With the freeze-frame function, a favourite scene can be kept on the screen for any length of time, and with the built-in DVB-T and analogue tuner, all-round TV reception is guaranteed.
In addition, the new models are highly connection-friendly. Alongside the two SCART sockets and the HDMI inputs with HDCP support, all common devices such as DVD players or sound systems can be easily connected via YUV, AV/S Video IN, VGA IN and Audio OUT sockets.

Also the acoustic features of the new startup generation from Sharp are in no way inferior to the image quality. The automatic volume control always keeps the sound at the preset volume. The two 10-watt loudspeaker systems, with the built-in digital amplifier, allow a sound experience equal to the excellent image quality.

The 26-inch and 32-inch models are available as of spring 2008 in black (LC-26D44 EBK, LC-32D44 EBK, LC-37D44 EBK) and in silver-grey (LC-26D44 EGY, LC-32D44 EGY, LC-37D44 EGY). The 37-inch versions will be for sale in the same colours as of July 2008.